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 “Our positive business development is founded on the collaborative relationship between Sitron and its customer, as well as on the personal engagement of every member of staff.”



Thomas Sparkuhle, Managing Director


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A passion for electro-sensitive technology

Sitron designs, produces and distributes sensors for automation and transport engineering. Managed by its second generation of owners, Sitron has enjoyed market success for over 40 years. Sitron’s approach is to always focus on the benefits for its customers. A close partnership with the user coupled with high standards of quality drive forward innovation.


This is how the best solutions are created, solutions that make technical and commercial sense.


In addition to our own products, we at Sitron also offer our customers a range of specialist items from leading manufacturers:






Customer satisfaction is one of our top company goals. The benchmark for quality is set by customers, lawmakers and public authorities. The customer’s opinion of our quality, and our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, are therefore crucial.

 Each and every member of staff contributes to upholding standards of quality. We also carefully plan, manage and monitor compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as activities relating to quality and security.

 This is how we achieve the quality demanded from customers and from specifications, policies or other guidelines. Through a continuous process of improvement involving the engagement of all members of staff, the quality of our services – that is, the quality of our company processes and products – are continuously enhanced.


Our goal is a secure future for our employees and for the company. We want to achieve this through constant, but cautious, growth. People are the priority, whether as customers, staff or suppliers.

Our future depends on having good employees. From them we expect commitment and entrepreneurial thinking. Problems are solved collaboratively. Contact with customers and each other is always personal and fair.

We ensure our future through innovative, first-class products and dedication.

Code of Conduct Business Principles

Optimizing the satisfaction of our customers is one of our top business principles. The benchmark for quality is set by our customers, legislators and authorities. Thus, the judgment of the customers about our quality and the compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements is crucial.


To ensure our quality standards, each individual employee contributes through his personal performance. It also ensures that compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and directives as well as the quality and safety-relevant activities are planned, controlled and monitored throughout.


In doing so, we meet the quality requirements as presented by our customers and in the form of specifications, rules or other regulations. Through a continuous improvement process, the quality of our services, d. H. the quality of the company processes and the products are permanently increased.


Logo Zertifikat ISO/TS 22163:2017 IRIS

DQS Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 22163 IRIS

You can download our Quality Management System certificate here: ISO/TS 22163 IRIS Certificate (PDF)

ISO/TS 22163 IRIS Certificate (PDF)

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