AirSafe dust monitoring

Clean rooms, turnstile systems, silo enclosures and equipment facilities. When dust levels in such areas require monitoring, AirSafe provides a reliable solution. The AirSafe system monitors predefined threshold values, e.g. to prevent dust explosion zones or to detect dust leakages from machines (fillers). AirSafe detects dust levels that could present a risk to personnel quickly and reliably.

AirSafe benefits

  • Prevention of dust explosion zones
  • Monitoring of dust levels at the workplace 
  • Detection of dust leakages in machinery

Areas of application

  • Filter monitoring in cement, lime and plasterboard plants
  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Dust explosion protection
  • Machine monitoring (e.g. dust leakages from filling, packaging, etc.) 
  • Dust-level measurement at the workplace


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