SGP 30 flat light sensor

Telco's SGP 30 flat light sensor uses the latest interference immunity technology compliant to IEC standards. Pulsed infrared light from a transmitter diode is diffusively reflected from an object in the detection area and picked up by a receiver unit within the same housing.

A receiver signal of sufficient strength then activates a solid state relay. The scanning range is dependent on the size, colour and surface properties of the object. The width of the beam guarantees reflection even from highly uneven surfaces and materials with high roughness depths. The scanning range can be adjusted using a potentiometer.

The flat light sensor is equipped with a blanking function, activated using a "Teach-in" procedure. This enables blanking out of fixed objects – such as peripheral areas or objects protruding into the scanning area – to enable a universal application of the light sensor. The Teach-in procedure is indicated by a fast flashing red LED. Successful blanking is indicated with a slow flashing frequency of 2 Hz.

The electronics are installed within a robust aluminium compartment to provide shock and vibration resistance and an IP67 protection class. This makes the unit suitable for use in areas requiring robust equipment.

The light sensor is ideal for applications where previously multiple single sensors were required (e.g. transport systems, conveyor belts, etc.). It detects objects that are approximately 30 mm wide and from 330 mm to 1800 mm in length. Models are available for light and dark switching. The unit is connected using a 0.5 m cable and an M12 5-pin plug (Pigtail).


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