SI-ZKS 7.5 and SmartOpen access control

The SI-ZKS access control system can be used for both standard and complex systems of access management. It provides easy door and gate opening to authorised personnel and restricts access to unauthorised personnel. The system regulates which areas in both private and commercial areas are accessible and can operate at distances of up to 7.5 m.

Benefits of SI-ZKS

Does not require keys or active identification
Range of up to 7.5 m for added convenience
Ceiling or floor routed wire antenna using loop adapters
Individual assigning of access rights
Flexible key management (extending and deleting authorisations)
Two separate exits for two authorised groups
Key can be combined with passive SmartOpen® system
Parameter processing via a radio stick and laptop in System 7.5

Areas of application

  • Selective door and gate opening
  • Access protection
  • Elevator request systems


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