Light grids, light barriers, electronic door opening, and sensors for sand flow monitoring devices

Transporting passengers requires the highest level of safety. In buses and trains, safety when boarding and disembarking requires the highest priority in preventing accidents. Any malfunctioning here is destined to result in injuries to passengers. Only reliable systems that meet the highest standards of quality can therefore be used.

Sitron works together with vehicle manufacturers and local transport operators to develop specific applications for bus and rail safety with the light curtain SITRANS alpha. You can travel in safety with Sitron around the world – in Australia, Germany, Dubai, Greece, Hungary, Singapore and in Spain.


Light grids, light barriers, transponder systems

The areas around door and gate entrances present safety engineering with a diversity of challenges. These range from small object detection and difficult ambient conditions through to the bridging of large switching distances. Sitron meets these challenges with high-performance light barriers, light grids specially designed for specific situations, or ultrasonic sensors. What Sitron systems all have in common are contact-free operation, easy installation, and high operational quality.

Automated light grids are becoming increasingly important due to their versatile applications. They are being used anywhere where objects in door and gate access areas require detection by electro-sensors. Light grids basically organise infrared light barriers to form a synchronised and closely knit grid.


Sensors for difficult ambient conditions

Our sensors are prime examples of years of development with users and our partner Telco. They are unparalleled in performance and the benefits they bring.

Telco sensors from Sitron are designed especially for use in tough environments. Systems using integrated electronics and external amplifiers are available for a broad range of applications.


Image processing, material flow, and quality assurance sensors

Monitoring systems – whatever functioning principle they are based on – are indispensable in today's automation society. The demands on businesses require the use of intelligent sensors. This includes monitoring of ambient air and filter systems for dust particles as well as monitoring in quality assurance systems for completeness and dimensional accuracy. Sitron provide the systems needed using sensors for detecting dust as well as for quality assurance using image processing systems.


Sensor technology for safety at work

Automated production and logistics processes prioritise effective systems of accident prevention and personnel protection. Light grids for accident prevention and multibeam light barriers are known as electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE). They belong to the group of opto-electronic protection devices and are an effective and cost-saving alternative to standard mechanical protection systems.

Accident prevention light grids create a closely knit and non-visible protective field of infrared beams which secure access to hazardous areas. Interruptions of one or more of the infrared beams instantly activate shutdown commands to protect personnel from injury without hindering them.


For any requirement, there is a solution

Customer needs are the priority for Sitron. Standard products alone do not generally provide solutions. Talking to experienced technicians by phone and personal on-site consultancy result in applications that function because they are based on actual practice. Rather than list a range of products, the following pages therefore provide the areas of expertise in which Sitron successfully operate for the benefit of its customers.


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