By using Sitron's Caminax, the TRW automotive specialist has managed to significantly improve its quality control. This has been achieved with an exceptionally high level of user-friendliness and without any major interference with the production process.

TRW is one of the major partners to the automobile industry and with 200 sites worldwide and in excess of 66,000 personnel, it produces a multitude of components and systems for automobile manufacture. The German site in Giesen-Emmerke specialises in plastic injection moulding and operates a fully automated assembly line – the perfect environment for the Caminax.

Everything under control

To meet the specific levels of quality required by customers, the Caminax needs to detect within seconds that, for example, each of the hundred millions of fasteners produced each year for interior door panels has been correctly manufactured. Previous controls using dual fork light barriers were costly procedures, but the Caminax now performs all controls in a single procedure. Anselm Kirsch, a technician at TRW, sees proof of the benefits of the Caminax for quality control: "The light barriers in our former system could only perform one task, i.e. checking heights. Sitron's Caminax now makes additional checks within the same time: correct positioning of caps and seals as well as checks for hairline surface cracks."

In operation

The complex checks performed by the Caminax are however simple to apply in practice. Locating the centre of the different fasteners is vital and the Sitron system achieves this by a system of point, surface and geometry scanning. Any defects detected in the component are displayed in red on the Caminax monitor. Incorrect positioning of the fastener seals results in the manufactured component being circled in red on an inspection monitor. If everything is in order, the component is displayed in green. Manufacturing tolerances are extremely low making precision inspection by the Caminax vital.

Quality and service

High standards of quality are not rare in the automotive sector. In many other areas, it is now being acknowledged that delivering top quality leads to long-term customer retention. TRW have made quality and safety its company philosophy along with customer service. "Trials with the Caminax convinced us of Sitron's capability and that's why we opted for them. Customer service for TRW is a major aspect of quality and Sitron have demonstrated post-purchase that we made the right decision", explained Anselm Kirsch.


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