To keep the fires burning at Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH, Sitron light barriers are being used for product monitoring at the wood-firing specialists in Detmold. Nolting is a pioneer in wood-firing technology and has been operating successfully on the market for more than 60 years. Sitron has aided Nolting by integrating PA series sensors into their machinery. The light barriers are extremely resistant to dirt particles to guarantee exceptional reliability under day to day operational conditions. This is vital for the entire plant.

Continuous fill-level checks

Wood is environmentally friendly. Wood is energy. Using modern wood-fired systems conserves natural resources and supplies CO2 neutral heat to industry, leisure facilities and private households. Sitron light barriers are installed in fuel storage chutes and emit signals to the fuel conveyor system as soon as fill levels reach maximum. Fuel conveyance then momentarily stops and restarts automatically when fill levels drop below maximum The furnace dosing screw is then optimally supplied with material, and blockages in the conveyor system are prevented. All-round monitoring from Sitron therefore guarantees smooth and continuous automatic operation.

Experienced specialists

Nolting has in excess of 15,000 customers around the world for whom quality, safety and reliability are vital. It therefore stands to reason that they also have a long-term and successful partnership with Sitron. "We have been working with Sitron for over 15 years. Over this period, our products have undergone continuous development with plenty of new features being introduced. Customer needs constantly grow as do the opportunities open to us, e.g. better methods of electronic control. Sitron is and will remain our partner for sensors and light barriers. We benefit from top quality and our customers from the best Nolting products." explained Mr Feldmann from Nolting.

The dirt resistant series

Users of the PA series require sensors that are extremely resistant to dirt and which function flawlessly under the most extreme conditions. The light barriers are made up of three components (transmitter, receiver and amplifier) to enable applications in practically any environment. A special feature is the short distance from the sender diode chip to the front section of the light barrier. Transmitter performance decreases as a square of this distance so that Sitron light barriers are able to achieve around a 10 times greater resistance to dirt particles than standard light barriers.


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